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Jeevan Rupantaran Ke Swarn Sutra Part 1
Maha Medha English Promo 28 July 2013
Jhuggi Jhopadi Shiksha Sewa Mission
Guru Purnima 22 july 2013 promo
Maha Medha Workshop Delhi 28 July 13 Promo 2
Maha Medha Workshop Delhi 28 July 13 Promo 1


Sanjeevani Kriya:

The most effective stress buster for the modern man that connects you to the source of infinite energy for attaining sound body, sound mind & self realization.

Maha Medha Kriya:

A revolutionary scientific technique for unleashing the limitless powers of the brain for attaining multi-fold increase in memory, intelligence, creativity and concentration.

Siddha Kamana Kriya:

A unique scientific technique based on the science of thought power for achieving all that you want in life.

Shaktipat Kriya:

powerful device for inner cleansing and catharsis necessary for getting rid of past karmic effects through transmission of divine energy.