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(Initiating seekers into sakshi sadhana towards self-realization)

Shaktipat Diksha is a mystical & divine technique for transmission of divine energy into the seeker by the Spiritual Master.

It channelizes your potential energies (Kundalini), by activating the MOOLADHAR CHAKRA which is the key that opens the doors to eternal bliss.

One goes through a series of spiritual experiences after transmission of divine energy through this Kriya under the personal guidance of Param Pujya Sakshi Shree. One actually feels the spiritual state of euphoria where one's mortal self is elevated to the level of super-consciousness in due course.

Param Pujya Gurudeve takes you to the state of NIRVANA, the highest energy level, wherein only inner bliss and nothing else matters.


Sanjeevani Kriya:

The most effective stress buster for the modern man that connects you to the source of infinite energy for attaining sound body, sound mind & self realization.

Maha Medha Kriya:

A revolutionary scientific technique for unleashing the limitless powers of the brain for attaining multi-fold increase in memory, intelligence, creativity and concentration.

Siddha Kamana Kriya:

A unique scientific technique based on the science of thought power for achieving all that you want in life.

Shaktipat Kriya:

powerful device for inner cleansing and catharsis necessary for getting rid of past karmic effects through transmission of divine energy.