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(A definite scientific technique for Sound Body, Sound Mind & Self Realization)

The pressures of modern life are such that there has never been a more restless time to live in; people have never been so tense. But naturally, these pressures affect you both physically and mentally. Look around yourself, in pursuit of materialistic gains, the modern man has lost touch with himself and is leading a meaningless and miserable life.

In order to bring about some sanity in his life, the modern man looks around for solutions which can help him in leading a balanced & healthy life. They feel that Yoga can provide good health and thereby get inclined towards it. But, unfortunately Yoga today, has remained confined as a recipe for physical fitness only, whereas Maharishi Patanjali had devised Yoga as a path for sound body, sound mind and self-realization. Moreover, the long drawn out Yoga practices will not be of any benefit to the modern man as he does not have enough time to spare, leave alone months and years to practice Yoga. Hence, the modern man needs some solution which he can learn in a few hours and derive the maximum benefit out of it. The solution for today's generation is Sanjeevani Kriya, which yields quick results.

Sanjeevani Kriya is a contemporary approach to suit modern people. This technique is an essence of Sadguru Sakshi Shree's in-depth practical experience and insights of the spiritual world. For several years, he has personally observed, experimented, explored and pursued through various paths and ways to offer a meditation technique, which could be a complete representation of his insights, experiences and philosophies of life for total inner transformation of the individual. Mystically enough, on one fine day Sanjeevani Kriya was revealed to him in a flash with different segments of the technique complimenting each other logically & scientifically to help in raising the level of consciousness in any individual. However, Sakshi Shree says "I cannot take the credit for developing this Kriya, it just manifested itself as a result of my deep quest to find something which can help the whole humanity. I've just visualized this Kriya in a state of utter thoughtlessness or spiritual ecstasy."

Stress Buster for Body, Mind and Soul

Today, stress has become the biggest threat which has become the reason of deaths which is more than the plague of the 17th century. Stress has been accepted scientifically as the most common cause for ill-health and discomfort for the present generation. It has been held responsible for the increasing number of patients of heart disease and blood pressure. Stress leads to almost every kind of ailment from migraine to cancer. It also contributes to the rampant increase of insanity and social disorders leading to hypertension, indigestion, constipation, palpitation, insomnia and impotence. It has been blamed for hardening of the arteries, strokes and suicides. Stress not only encourages ill health or disease but also inhibits the body's immune response system and dampens the entire healing process.

Sanjeevani Kriya is one of the most successful antidotes to stress. It has been designed to ensure the release of all accumulated stress and complexities in the body and mind so that it becomes easier to experience the state of thoughtlessness of meditation.

Meditation means a state of doing nothing; either physically or mentally. It is just a state of 'being with you' and if you can sit and do nothing, then there is no need to learn any technique of meditation. In Japan, they have a word called 'Zazen' for meditation, which means 'just sitting and doing nothing'. But the problem remains, 'can you sit?' In fact, it is impossible for a high energy individual to start meditation by just sitting and doing nothing. You can move into passivity or in a state of doing nothing, only when all the complexities and negativities viz., anger, greed, suppressed emotions, etc., are thrown out of your body. Once you have thrown them out you can easily slip into the state of 'just sitting and doing nothing'. Hence, this state becomes the best stress buster for body, mind & soul.

A Single Remedy for Several Diseases

The benefits of Sanjeevani Kriya are widely documented and accepted today as miraculous. It is increasingly being used as a creative and therapeutic stress buster technique by people across all walks of life. The best thing that can be said about this Kriya is that after a successful session of 35 minutes you will feel much better than what you would feel after 12 hours of sleep. You will find yourself more restful, relaxed and alert to cope up with everyday situations and problems. You will develop a greater capacity to enjoy life to its fullest.

Your confidence level will go up and you will tend to be more creative. Sanjeevani Kriya has been established as a certain cure for diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, arthritis, joint pain and all sorts of stomach disorders. It also helps in treating mind related disorders like anger, stress, tension, depression, insomnia and schizophrenia. The practice of Sanjeevani Kriya leads you to a physiological state of calm and peace. A regular practice will ensure a stress free living and a sense of well being that you may not have experienced before. You will sleep better, think better and above all, you will live better. In short, you will feel great to be living as a human being. It offers you profound spiritual experience as well by uplifting your consciousness to higher state of inner development by ensuring upward movement of life energy from the sex centre to the uppermost centre known as 'Sahasrar'. Sanjeevani Kriya releases all accumulated stress and complexities, activates and energizes your body and mind, elevates you to a state of thoughtlessness and finally leads to the attainment of a state of sound body, sound mind and self-realization.

Curing the incurables

For thousands of years, man has thought that the body and the mind of a person are separate entities. Now, it is established that they are two ends of the same pole. It is wrong to say that man is body plus soul. In fact, man is psychosomatic or somato-psychic. He is mind-body or body-mind. The invisible body is the soul and the visible soul is the body. They are not just two separate entities; they are two different states of vibrations of the same entity.

Illness can begin from either of the two ends. It can start from the body and reach to the soul or it can originate from the other end and spread to your body. Actually, the state in which the man is now, the disease already exists in him. There is a lot of tension present within him. That is why, sometimes a man is physically cured of a disease but he continues feeling ill. All the clinical investigations and tests indicate that clinically everything is all right, but the patient does not feel well.

The fact behind the above situation is that medicine can treat only the "BODY". The medical science fails to do anything about the causes of the disease, which have deeper connotations. The disease originates from the deeper end. The cure for the inner disease of the man is meditation. Meditation has that curative feature which can cure the root cause of any disease that manifests at the somatic level. Hence, Sanjeevani Kriya must be mandatory for the modern man due to the simple reason that enlightenment may not be everyone's objective but good health and vitality are definitely their concern.

So Simple yet So Profound

Sanjeevani Kriya enshrines the spiritual techniques and traditions of the world, both from east and the west. Consequently, it includes many of the time proven principles and methods that have been in use for over last 5000 years. These techniques have been simplified scientifically, that people will find it considerably easier to understand and apply in their lives. Simplicity is the key feature of Sanjeevani Kriya. Each stage of the process has been clearly set out in simple, easy to follow steps. This enhances its effectiveness. The greatest advantage is that it works at all levels of body, mind & soul. The Kriya contains five stages which last for 35 minutes is accompanied by soothing music, which energetically supports and signals the beginning of each stage of the Kriya. It is best to practice the Kriya in an empty stomach wearing loose clothes. The Kriya can be done alone but the energy gained will be more powerful if it is done in a group.

How does the Kriya Work?

There have been several noticeable scientific effects on human physiology because of the practice of Sanjeevani Kriya.

An overview of the findings is given below:

It produces a state of deep relaxation; quite unlike sleep or hypnosis, your mind is wide awake and alert. There is a dramatic change in the pattern of your brain waves. There is an increase in slow ALPHA waves, which are indicative of you being wide awake and relaxed. Often there is an increase in THETA waves, which relates to higher form of consciousness, such as creativity. Further, there is a definite presence of DELTA waves, which occur only in the deepest sleep. In this state there is virtually no rapid eye movement.

Your metabolism is also affected. That is why; you should avoid its practice immediately after meals.

Your oxygen consumption decreases by about 20% and you produce significantly less carbon-di-oxide.

Your heartbeat and respiration rates decrease dramatically.

Your blood pressure drops and there is a definite increase in the electrical resistance of your skin. Tension and anxiety induce a decrease in electrical resistance of your body. These effects contribute to a great sense of peace, harmony and well being which you experience during the practice of the Kriya. These characteristics are opposite to those you would find in the state ofanxiety, tension or anger. Therefore, the Kriya proves to be an effective counter to stress and tension.

Sanjeevani Kriya leads you to focus your attention on doing just one thing at one time with all your energy. It frees the mind from unnecessary conflict and distraction to such an extent that mind and body function perfectly and harmoniously than at any other time.

Practice Once to Believe!

Practice once and you will find the results immediately. Even after six days of sincere practice, you will feel that something remarkable has happened to you and you may even become a new person all together... a divine discovery of yourself.

Workshops on Sanjeevani Kriya

Workshops on Sanjeevani Kriya are regularly held at Science D'vine Foundation and at different venues in different parts of the country. Workshops are also held for corporate houses at their premises for a committed group of minimum 100 participants.

For details, send e-mail to: sciencedvine@gmail.com


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