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Be happy


Getting what you want will not make you happy, but learning how to change your state of mind in an instant will immediately make you feel good. There are two methods for changing your emotional state instantly. The first method is to shift your mental focus. Just think of one of the most treasured memories of your life.Remember the occasion when you felt absolutely on top of the world. Second method, a more powerful way is to change your physiological posture. Every emotion has a specific physiology attached to it. For example, during depression shoulders droop, head hangs down, breathing becomes shallow and facial expression gets slack. On the contrary, during the course of cheerfulness our shoulders rise, head lifts up and our breathing becomes long and deep. We can consciously command these changes in our physiology and instantly desired emotional state can be produced. In this way cultivate the habit of feeling good for no reason at all and you will find yourself happier and healthier than before.