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Learn Sanjeevani Kriya from sadguru Sakshi Shree in Pune on 29 Decemebr


Sanjeevani Kriya: For Sound Body, Sound Mind & Self Realization
The pressure of modern life has made us restless and tense like never before which affect you both physically and mentally.
Yoga looks to be the easiest option to get good health and a balanced & healthy life. But, unfortunately Yoga today, has remained confined as a recipe for physical fitness only, whereas Maharishi Patanjali had devised Yoga as a path for sound body, sound mind and self-realization. The solution for today's generation is Sanjeevani Kriya, which yields quick results.
Stress Buster for Body, Mind and Soul:
Sanjeevani Kriya is one of the most successful antidotes to stress. It has been designed to ensure the release of all accumulated stress and complexities in the body and mind so that it becomes easier to experience the state of thoughtlessness of meditation.
A Single Remedy for Several Diseases:
The best thing that can be said about this Kriya is that after a successful session of 35 minutes you will feel much better than what you would feel after 12 hours of sleep. Sanjeevani Kriya has been established as a certain cure for diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, arthritis, joint pain and all sorts of stomach disorders. It also helps in treating mind related disorders like anger, stress, tension, depression, insomnia and schizophrenia.
Curing the incurables:
For thousands of years, man has thought that the body and the mind of a person are separate entities. Now, it is established that they are two ends of the same pole. That is why, sometimes a man is physically cured of a disease but he continues feeling ill.
The fact behind the above situation is that medicine can treat only the "BODY". The disease originates from the deeper end. The cure for the inner disease of the man is meditation.
So Simple yet So Profound:
Simplicity is the key feature of Sanjeevani Kriya. Each stage of the process has been clearly set out in simple, easy to follow steps.
How does the Kriya Work?
There have been several noticeable scientific effects on human physiology because of the practice of Sanjeevani Kriya.
 An overview of the findings is given below:
• It produces a state of deep relaxation; quite unlike sleep or hypnosis, your mind is wide awake and alert. There is an increase in slow ALPHA waves, which are indicative of you being wide awake and relaxed. Often there is an increase in THETA waves, which relates to higher form of consciousness, such as creativity. Further, there is a definite presence of DELTA waves, which occur only in the deepest sleep. In this state there is virtually no rapid eye movement.
• Your metabolism is also affected. That is why; you should avoid its practice immediately after meals.
• Your oxygen consumption decreases by about 20% and you produce significantly less carbon-di-oxide.
• Your heartbeat and respiration rates decrease dramatically.
• Your blood pressure drops and there is a definite increase in the electrical resistance of your skin.
Practice Once to Believe!
Practice once and you will find the results immediately.
Workshops on Sanjeevani Kriya:
Science D’vine Foundation conducts Sanjeevani Workshops on a regular basis at different cities. Science D’vine Sanjeevani Workshop by Sadguru Sakshi Shree, Founder, Science D’vine will be held in Pune on Saturday, 29th December 2012. For more details, please visit: www.sciencedvine.org or contact Col. (Retd) Daleep Yadav at 09890959264