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(A revolutionary scientific technique for unleashing the limitless powers of the brain)

Maha Medha Kriya as revealed by Sadguru Sakshi Shree is an established scientific technique for multi-fold increase in intelligence, memory, mental ability, creativity, concentration & confidence of the students thereby ensuring them with extraordinary success in academic and competitive exams. The Kriya has proven to actually increase the performance of students in academic and competitive exams by over 40 percent and even more.

The practice of Maha Medha Kriya is also an effective remedy for keeping the youth away from addictive evils like smoking, alcohol and drugs. Students can get rid of negative traits like anger, fear, mischief, over sensuality and depression as well. The Kriya is a certain cure for all sorts of eye disorders too.

Maha Medha Kriya is also the most effective spiritual tool for attaining sound body, sound mind & self-realization for the modern man.

Our Brain: Some Vital Facts

Human brain is an extremely mysterious treasure house of limitless powers

Researches have shown that we use only 6 to 15 % of our brain power.

Average adult brain weighs about 1.4 kg.

Scientific research shows that brain uses 25% of the body's oxygen and blood supply, but it weighs only about 3% of the total body weight.

Human brain has 10–15 billion neurons which are over twice the number of people in the world.

The number of neurons does not determine intelligence; the number of connections does. And there are at least ten trillion connections called synapses.

A synapse is the point where the axon of a neuron connects with the dendrite of another and determines the mind power.

Why Maha Medha Kriya?

Ordinarily, the growth of intelligence stops at the age of 14 because biology is no longer interested beyond the point when one becomes mature enough to reproduce. Hence, a person's mental age gets stuck at the age of fourteen as a biological routine. There is no other way to increase one's intellectual capacity or intelligence. All that can be done is to realize the optimum potential of the brain, which would just mean the growth in intelligence. Normally individuals use only 5 to 7 percent of their brain power and even in exceptional cases like Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russel, 85 percent of their brain remained unused. Therefore, most of the human beings do not use their brain power to its maximum potential. However, this unutilized potential of the brain can be used to its optimum level thereby ensuring tremendous growth in intelligence through the practice of Maha Medha Kriya.

How does Kriya work?

Maha Medha Kriya is the most practical method to make your brain effective through workouts, which ensures cerebral movements that trigger different parts of the brain to form new connections between neurons. The practices involved in this Kriya stimulate the grey cells and allow the free flow of information through various networks of the brain, eventually making the use of brain cells to their optimum potential. It helps unclog a stressed brain and restores the ability to learn and function with renewed vigor.

Maha Medha Kriya provides the greatest possibility of attaining highest peak of intelligence. During the practice of the Kriya your mind reaches a state of stillness whereby you experience pure consciousness unidentified with any thought - tangible or intangible. At this moment the mind triggers the forces of brain from within and then your intelligence grows beyond all calculations. Maha Medha Kriya provides the most effective techniques in bringing the mind to a state of stillness which leads to unleashing the forces of intelligence from within.

In addition to the above, it is in this state of stillness of the mind produced by Maha Medha Kriya; you can see the true reflection of your SELF, i.e., you can experience who you are. This is how Maha Medha Kriya becomes an effective spiritual tool for self-realization too.

The birth of a new humanity

Sadguru Sakshi Shree emphasizes that there is only one kind of energy that flows inside you. The nature of the energy can be determined according to the direction in which the energy flows. If the energy flows downward, it becomes sex energy and if the same energy flows upward from the sex center, it becomes spiritual energy, the soul or the Kundalini, whatever name you can give. The energy remains the same and with the change in the direction makes the difference in the impact of the energy.

As life energy rises up and starts flowing above the sex center, it becomes spiritual energy that leads to self-realization and ultimately gives a new dimension to one's own self. If the energy flows downwards, then the energy requires the support of another person but for the energy flowing upwards one need to work independently serving its own self as the base. While flowing downwards the life energy gets decimated into the earth through the sex center. But while flowing upwards the life energy gets connected to the cosmic energy through SAHASRAR which results into self-realization thereby experiencing inner bliss.

Sadguru Sakshi Shree concludes that man can never be pacified without the transformation of sex energy into spiritual energy and meditation is the only scientific technique for undergoing inner transformation of energy.

Never too early for meditation

Sadguru Sakshi Shree mentions that starting mediation at an old age is like sowing seeds after the season is over. Hence all efforts should be made to motivate children to undertake the journey of meditation at an early age as it shall be the stepping stone to words transforming the negative sex energy into positive spiritual energy. By initiating children into meditation at a young age will also ensure that the door of positive energy is opened before the door of sex energy opens. By that age, the door for sex energy is still closed and energy is conserved within them. Therefore, this is the most appropriate time when the movement of life energy from the sex center can be directed upwards through meditation.

If they start meditation early in life and practice even for a little time each day, a new door of positive energy would open before they reach the age of adolescence. It would also prevent their energy from moving out to different negative channels.

How will it benefit your child?

In the present time of intense competition, the standard of education has gone much higher as compared to the past. Constantly under stress due to studies and examinations, the students are always under pressure from parents, teachers and peers to always perform well in school. And they are always judged by the marks they score in examinations. In such a scenario it is important that the child uses brain power effectively to overcome the challenges and stay ahead in class and life.

Maha Medha Kriya is an effective tool for all students who want to excel in studies as the Kriya is a natural process to strengthen the child's mental ability and intelligence.

With an increased grasping power and memory your child will show visible signs of outstanding success and excellence in academic performance and competitive exams. Even the most difficult problems will seem simple to the child. It is now a proven fact that students who practice Maha Medha Kriya perform much better than others and are driven by positive energy all the time.

A short, simple and effective 13 minute miracle Kriya which every student can easily practice.

A technique which results in a multi-fold increase in the number of inter-connections of neurons which are called synapses that ensures more intelligence and wisdom.

A scientific technique which ensures optimum utilization of brain power.

It works towards multi-fold increase in intelligence, memory, mental ability and concentration.

It ensures sufficient supply of oxygen and blood to the brain which is very important as the brain consumes 25% of the total oxygen and blood supply whereas it weighs only 3% of the total body weight.

It releases a chemical called Endorphin in the body by which students experience inner joy & happiness eliminating negative traits like anger, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Regular practice of this Kriya helps in eliminating bad habits like drinking, smoking, drugs etc.

Curbs all kinds of suicidal tendencies amongst students.

A sure shot remedy for eye disorders.

A Kriya that brings about an upward flow of life energy from the Muladhar chakra to the upper-most chakra known as Sahasrar.

Students appearing for any kind of academic & competitive exam should practice Maha Medha Kriya regularly

Note: It is advisable to learn the science, method and benefits of each step of Maha Medha Kriya from an authorized Science D'vine Trainer trained by Sadguru Sakshi Shree.

For details, send e-mail to: sciencedvine@gmail.com


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